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Please note; AquaZone will be closed from Sunday 23rd to Tuesday, 25th June. Please see all Opening Hours for June below;

10am-6pm (last booking 4pm)

Full General Admission with slides & water features.

Entry through the back of the NAC, via the marquee.

June 2024 Opening Hours
Saturday & Sundays 

(*except closed on Sunday, 23rd June*)
June 2024 Opening Hours
Wednesday - Fridays


10am-4pm (last booking 2pm)

(except closed at 1pm on Friday 21st June)

Full General Admission with slides & water features.

Entry through the back of the NAC, via the marquee.

*Friday, 28th June

12pm-6pm Full General Admission with slides & water features. Entry through the back of the NAC, via the marquee.

June 2024 Opening Hours
Monday & Tuesdays

(*except closed on Monday, 24th & Tuesday, 25th June*)

10am-6pm Leisure Swim (Leisure Pool & Pirate Play Only)

Entry through main front entrance of the NAC.


Pre-booking required online for all dates.

Click 'Book Now' above to view all availability.

AZ Entry Reqs 1.png

Please read our policies below before booking to avoid disappointment.


1. Children aged 8 and under must be accompanied by an adult in Aquazone. For children aged 8 and under a minimum of 1 adult is to accompany every 2 children in the water.  

2. For each child who is 3 years of age and under we further recommend that a dedicated adult is in attendance in the water for each child.  

3. Children aged 9-12 must be accompanied by an adult who remains on the premises of the National Aquatic Centre for the duration of their visit. A parent will be required to sign a parental consent form for children in this age category if not entering the Aquazone.  

4. An adult is classed as a person aged 18 or over.  

5. Single individual adults must be accompanied by a child/ children in Aquazone or in a group of 2+ adults.  

6. Persons aged 13 - 17 years can enter on their own.  

7. Children aged 3 years & under go free, but must be pre-booked through our online booking system.  

8. Entry wristbands must be worn at all times in the Aquazone.  

9. Only customers with a valid ticket will be permitted entry to the changing facilities and Waterpark area. It is not permissible to enter the gates without a ticket for any other reason.  

10. Wristbands are issued to paying customers who may enter through the Aquazone Entrance.  

11. Please follow our pool water hygiene guidelines ; 

Pool water is carefully treated to keep you healthy. But even the best-kept pool needs your help, so as not to introduce dirt and spread germs. If you’re clean
when you go in, less disinfectant is needed – and the water is nicer as well as safer.

a. Don't swim if you're ill - you can spread germs in the water, especially if you have diarrhea, or are recovering from it.

b. Clean yourself (and your children!)- Shower with soap before you swim. Wash your hands after the loo.

c. Don't pee in the pool - It's bad for the pool water. Use the loo first. Parents: Take children to the loo before they swim, and watch out while in the pool!

d. Don't swallow - Pool water should be clean, but it's not for drinking- that's you or any children. 

e. No nappies in the pool - proper swim nappies instead. Change nappies in the changing area - not poolside.

For more information, visit


*Tickets must be purchased online prior to entry.

*Please click 'book now' to view available days/ times.

*Enter via the back entrance of the NAC in our designated AquaZone  Marquee entrance.

Full General Admission


Adult - €19

Child - €17

Infant (0-3 years) -€0.00  *Booking still required as 'Infant Ticket'

Student - €17

Senior - €8.50

Additional Needs & Carer - €17 (*Free for Carers)

  *A valid ID must be presented for Student, Senior and Carer tickets

Family Deals:

2 Adults & 2 Children -€61

1 Adult & 3 Children -€61 

(*Please check the child-to-guardian ratio entry requirements prior to booking)

Gift Vouchers/ Passes:

Give your loved ones the perfect present that they can use whenever they like. Our Online Gift Cards are available to purchase here. 

*If you already have one of our printed Gift Vouchers, please book on-site at the National Aquatic Centre Reception. If you have a printed Aquazone Pass, bookings can be made either over the phone at 01 6464300 or on-site at the National Aquatic Centre Reception. Pre-booking ahead of your visit is recommended as we have limited capacity.



*Ensure you read our Policies prior to booking to avoid disappointment.



Leisure Swim Sessions

Come and enjoy a quieter time in AquaZone during our off-peak sessions (Monday - Fridayexcludes National School/Bank Holidays), with access to our Leisure Pool & Pirate Ship Area (Ideally suited to families with children 8 years & under)

Please note; No Slides, Wave Machines, Lazy River or Bubble Pool are in operation during the Leisure swim sessions. Enter via the front doors into the NAC. 

Adult - €8.00

Child - €5.50

Infant(0-3 years) -*€0.00  

(*needs to be pre-booked)

*Make sure to bring change along for lockers (€1), Hairdryers (50c) Family Dryers (€2) 


Student - €5.50

Senior - €6.50

Gift Cards are available to purchase here 




​1. Aquazone All Attractions/ Family Tickets (Peak) are available Weekends/ Bank Holidays and School Holidays *dates may vary. Includes access to main Aquazone attractions (slides, wave machine etc) height/ age restrictions may apply. 

2. Leisure Swim Off-Peak Sessions are available Monday-Friday during School Terms *dates may vary, with access to the Pirate Ship Area & Leisure Pool Only. There are no Slides, Wave Machine or other attractions available during these sessions. Best suited to Families/ Children aged 8 & under. 

3. Session times are in permanent operation at Aquazone Waterpark and all admission tickets are for a 2-hour session from the ticket time booked. All Peak guests must book online, in advance.  

4. Arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to your allocated timeslot. All ticket holders will be provided a wristband for access. Access to changing rooms will start from 10 minutes before your ticket start time.  

5. One entrance only to the Waterpark area. You cannot leave and return.  

6. There is no option to change the date or time of your ticket once purchased. Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds, transfers, or cancellations; there is no legal right to cancel as the booking is for leisure activities to take place on a specific date as described in regulation 13 of the European Union Consumer Information (Rights) Regulations 2013 (SI 484/2013’).  

7. Aquazone accepts no responsibility for a customer’s inability to attend the park due to any external factor including but not exclusive to traffic restrictions, illness, weather conditions etc.  

8. We are a cashless purchase facility so any purchase over the counter will need to be by card.  

9. Change will be required for vending machines, hairdryers (50c), Lockers (€1), family dryers (€2)  

10. For customers who have additional needs, they are welcome to bring one accompanying Carer with them.  By purchasing an Additional Needs + Carer Ticket, this covers both people within the ticket price.  

11. Proof of being a Carer is required, so please ensure you have your Carer ID or relevant documentation to hand. We can accept an IAA Autism ID card, or an associated membership card, GP letter or hospital consultant letter which confirms the visitor is unable to visit the facilities without a carer or mobility aid.

12. A Carer must be over the age of 18+. (Proof of age may be requested)

13. A Red medical wristband will be issued at check-in which must be worn for the duration of the visit, in the event you need additional/ medical assistance.


To minimise time in the Changing Village, wherever possible, please arrive beach ready. This reduces the amount of time spent in the Changing Village and gives you more time in the pool! 

When your session in the Waterpark has ended and your wristband colour is called, please make your way to the Changing Village for departure, we ask that you change and depart as swiftly as possible.

Contact Us


Perfect   Family 

Day out!

Thanks for submitting!


1. As a precaution for an evacuation situation, we request that all weak swimmers or persons with a medical condition inform reception who can provide a wristband so lifeguards can provide assistance.  

2. It is recommended that all under 5’s (those aged 1 to 4) wear floatation devices (e.g. armbands) while in the AquaZone.  

3. Prices and times may change at Management’s discretion.  

4. No spectators allowed in AquaZone poolside.  

5. Customers cannot exit the pool hall (e.g. to café) and then return to the pool.  

6. Swim hats are compulsory in all water areas.  

7. The facility’s features and flumes may operate on a rotational basis, where necessary, at management’s discretion.  

8. Management reserves the right to refuse admission.  

9. Swimwear guidelines must be followed.  

10. No balls, inflatables or snorkel gear are permitted into the Aquazone.  

11. No cameras/phone in the village areas and Aquazone.  

12. Items are stored in lockers at your own risk.  

13. Some features have a minimum height requirement.  

14. Carers, will be required to show a carers card or proof of being a carer on entry.  

15. Students will be required to show a valid student ID on arrival.  

16. The following height restrictions apply – Green Giant 1.1m, Master Blaster and Dark Hole 1.2m, Flowrider – 1.3m’

17. Management reserve the right to request proof of age if required

Sport Ireland Facilities DAC Policies and Rules 

  • Aquazone is based at the National Aquatic Centre, Sport Ireland Facilities DAC. 

  • Where relevant, clubs/ organisations will be required to provide proof of insurance and/or indemnity for the Sport Ireland Facilities DAC. 

  • Sport Ireland Facilities DAC Management reserves the right to amend and add to the Policies and Rules and the Users/Members shall observe any amended or additional conditions or rules. 

  • Sport Ireland Facilities DAC staff are entitled to dignity, respect and cooperation in the workplace and will not tolerate any form of aggressive or abusive behaviour. 

  • Continued violation of any rules set down by Sport Ireland Campus Facilities DAC may result in booking/event being refused or stopped. 

  • The Sport Ireland Campus Facilities adheres to Equal Status Act 2000 – 2015. 

  • Members/users, patrons and their guests must always treat the facilities, its staff and other members with courtesy and respect. Membership and/or usage may be terminated or revoked for violation of any rules or regulations of the Company or for conduct deemed by the management to be detrimental to the welfare, good order, safety or character of the facility or its members. 

  • All coaches must be Garda Vetted and approved. 

  • Sport Ireland Campus Facilities DAC staff reserve the right to withdraw all or any part of the facilities for any periods where required for events, competitions/training, or in connection with repairs, alteration or maintenance work. 

  • Liability for damages to the premises will be charged to the client accordingly. The broker of any event/booking is held responsible for any damages to the premises by a contractor acting on its behalf. 

  • Sport Ireland Facilities DAC has a no smoking/no vaping policy on campus and in all facilities, apart from designated areas. Additionally, alcohol is not permitted on the grounds of the Facility. 

  • Sport Ireland Facilities DAC training areas cannot be sub-let. 

  • Users agree that Sport Ireland Facilities DAC is not liable for articles damaged, lost or stolen in or about the facility, or in its lockers, or for loss or damage to any property including but not limited to automobiles and the contents thereof. 

  • Personal details requested during the booking process are used for administration purposes only. Personal data is not disclosed to any third party without consent. SIF’s Privacy Policy clarifies usage, processing and protection of personal information in line with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). More information on this Policy is available to read here;

  • Activities taking place within the venues operated by Sport Ireland Facilities DAC are by definition, physical sports/activities with inherent contact and risk. Consequently, The SIC cannot be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage as a result of involvement with sports/activities/training etc. 

  • Sport Ireland Facilities DAC shall not accept any responsibility for any loss, injury or damage to person caused by or arising from directly or indirectly, the negligence, wilful act or default, breach of duty, breach of statutory duty, or breach of contract, of the company, servants or its agents, on or in the approaches of or in the approaches of or to its property. All persons coming onto these premises must take care for their own safety and that of other persons (guests) with them for whom they are responsible or over whom they exercise authority and must supervise and control such persons accordingly 

AZMAP23_144x-8 (002).png

Parking is available in the National Aquatic Centre Car Park. Please walk to the rear of the building to access AquaZone. 

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