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Flow Ride



This exclusive award-winning technology blasts you uphill on jetted water to power riders through this gravity defying ride. Experience this uphill waterslide rollercoaster only at AquaZone. With hair-raising drops and thrilling banked curves, this uphill adventure delivers a rollercoaster-style water ride. Height Restrictions for Master Blaster is 1.2 metres

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Master Blaster
Green Giant


The Flow Rider brings all the thrills and excitement of surfing in a safe and controlled environment. Grab a bodyboard and try carving turns, throwing spray and testing your ability to complete maneuvers on this challenging and thrilling ride.

The FlowRider is ideal for all ages and is no deeper than 3 inches at any point. This can be enjoyed regardless of one's skill level and the ride is never the same twice. Standing is only permitted in controlled Camps and not during Public opening. Height Restrictions for the flow rider its 1.3 metres.



Reach high speeds at the AquaZone on this long, open top water slide. Experience the thrill and high speeds as you are taken around bends as you head towards the splash opening at the bottom of this slide. Height Restrictions for Green Giant Slide is 1.1 metres




Not for the faint hearted! Take a slide down the dark flume and experience the thrills that come with tossing and turning as you hurtle towards the end. What’s the catch? Total darkness… You know the end is coming, you just don’t know when it will be. A real adrenaline junkies slide built for the bravest amongst us. Height restriction 1.2 meters

Dark Hole
Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship

It is the heaven for kids full of safe and fun rides, complete with pirate ship, cannons and small slides. Let their imagination run wild as they captain an 18th century pirate ship on the high seas and escape from battle on a slide into the open seas (or a child safe pool). For use by children aged 8 and under and should be directly supervised by their accompanying adult.

Lazy River

Lazy River

After spending your day seeking thrills at AquaZone guests can enjoy a more-than leisurely float around our Wave Pool at two miles an hour.

The Lazy River carries you slowly around the 120-meter journey requiring very little effort from yourself. This relaxing trip takes about 10 minutes and caps off the perfect family day.

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Bubble Pool

Bubble Pool

More than just a Jacuzzi. A real parent favourite at AquaZone. Sit back and relax into a world of luxury as the powerful jacuzzi pool jets take your stress away whilst the kids play on the slides and other attractions. It’s not just the kids who get to enjoy themselves at AquaZone.

Wave Pool

Wave Pool

Wave Pool


The Wave Pool is one of the most anticipated and exciting attractions at AquaZone. See the swell of the waves start in the deep end of the pool and form as the come towards you and lift you up or try and burst through them.

Just like in the ocean, as they get closer to the shore they reduce in size as they gradually wash up on the centre shoreline. For safety, the waves will stop periodically to let you take a break and leave the pool if you wish.

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